Building the perfect podcast.

On the Internet, everyone can be a publisher. But that doesn’t mean that everyone has something to say. You do. And podcasting let’s you say it. Literally.

Learn how you can add podcasting to your marketing mix.

Here’s your checklist.

Preparing yourself for a podcast is a fundamental—but often neglected—step in creating an effective podcast. Ever attend a conference and find yourself stuck listening to a “rambler?” Well, with a podcast, your audience won’t be stuck: if you ramble, they’ll move.

Find out how to avoid this by following our guidelines.

Content Planning

We can help you plan and develop your podcast content: this is often the single most time-consuming aspect of developing any content-intensive communications program.


Our script writers can help you with scripting ideas that extend your current communications strategy by leveraging what you’ve already put in motion.

Recording Services

We can record your message for you, edit it as necessary and then upload it for you to our podcasting server.


Our editing services can be just what you need to really cut down on the work required to create a super podcast. We don’t recommend splicing tape at home.

Voice Services

Voice services can add a dimension to your podcast in situations where this is appropriate. Learn more about your options.